2021 is a Year of Opportunity at Nashville BHS

2020 was a year of big changes for people and companies across the world. We know that change is an opportunity at Nashville BHS for learning and growth, and that is exactly what we are focused on for 2021 and beyond.

Here are 3 specific opportunities at Nashville BHS to look forward to:


1. Nashville BHS is Welcoming New Team Members

Record-high unemployment and unprecedented shutdowns have undoubtedly impacted the communities we serve. As businesses, schools, and retail locations reopen, we at Nashville BHS are excited about the chance to help job seekers find meaningful, steady employment with a company that supports them and their families.

By seeking out top-quality candidates at job fairs and throughout the community, we are adding new team members each day. At Nashville BHS we pride ourselves on an unwavering dedication to our values of communication, respect, and reliability, and are thrilled to share that we have a constantly growing team of employees who honor and exemplify those values as well.

2. Expanded Benefits for Employees

We know that our Nashville BHS team members are working hard each day to bring the absolute best value to our clients. To show our appreciation, we have initiated new programs to ensure their personal and professional success:

  • Increased compensation
  • New 401K program
  • Dental and Vision PPO benefits
  • Improved incentive program for PTO
  • Employee of the Month recognition

Perhaps even more important than these official programs, Nashville BHS prioritizes the general well-being of its employees by creating an environment of support and respect. We know that life’s little surprises come when we expect them the least, and we are always ready and available to help our employees handle whatever obstacles they face.

3. Employee Growth Leads to New Client Opportunity

By nurturing employees and growing its workforce in 2021, Nashville BHS is expanding its client base as well, offering the company’s world-class commercial cleaning services to new businesses and organizations each month.

We understand that the last year has been tough for everyone, but we feel optimistic for the future at Nashville BHS, and we look forward to welcoming more of the community into our Nashville BHS family. Visit our Job Board!


Nashville BHS Values

Nashville BHS exhibits a spirit through our core values of Excellence, Integrity, Accountability and Communication, and we make it our mission to bring these values to life through our people-focused culture. We have learned that by treating our clients and our team members with these same values, our end result often exceeds our clients’ expectations. Contact us to see how we can put our values to work in your business.


BHS provides Nashville with the highest standard of cleaning personnel in the industry. We strive for excellence in everything we do.


BHS adheres to high moral and ethical principles and provides our clients with the soundness of moral character and impeccable honesty.


BHS does not simply ‘place people.’ We constantly ensure our team of skilled cleaners and attendants are exceeding your expectations.


We believe in communication and transparency and make sure that clients never converse with an answering machine.

Nashville BHS Testimonials

Nashville BHS is driven by our core values — Communication, Accountability, Integrity and Excellence. Our mission is to bring these values to life through our people-focused culture and have learned that by treating our customers and team members with these same values, our end result often exceeds our customers' expectations. Our business approach and strategy maximizes our efficiency through customizable plans along with oversight, accountability and fluid communication. The result is evident in our ability to provide you the highest level of detail in our industry. Contact us to see how we can earn a 5-star review working for your business! If interested in residential cleaning services, please visit our resident partner site.


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