4 Ways to Make October Less Scary in the Office

Somehow, it’s already October, and the warm days and cold drinks of summer are being replaced by chilly mornings and pumpkin spice everything! If you own or manage an office building, you know that this means time for Halloween decorations, treats galore, and costume parties.

All of these spooky celebrations can be a fun way to build office culture, but they do tend to bring a lot of mess. Here are 4 ways that you can better manage the October festivities without sacrificing any fun:

1. Prepare for Snacking

As if by magic, each year that October rolls around those little bite-size candy bars appear everywhere. They do make for a great treat with an afternoon coffee, but often the wrappers are left on communal kitchen counters or strewn across desks. To contain the waste, consider adding a few extra small trash cans around the office, particularly next to any candy bowls.

2. Choose Decorations Carefully

It has been said that glitter is the enemy of sanity, and if you have ever been tasked with cleaning up after a display of glitter pumpkins, I’m sure you can agree. Office decorations are fun for everyone, but choose materials and styles that are easy to put up and take down, that won’t permanently ruin the walls or carpets, and that won’t leave you with tiny pieces that take forever to clean up.

3. Set Costume Guidelines

If your office takes part in a costume contest, as well as ensuring that outfits are work-appropriate, consider encouraging employees to choose costumes without pieces that can easily fall off and create a mess such as feathers, loose beads, body makeup that can smudge onto furniture and, of course, glitter.

4. Bring in the Cleaning Professionals

Unfortunately, no matter how much you try to contain the trash and avoid the glitter, the silly and scary celebrations in October will undoubtedly leave your office a bit messier than ideal. For help getting back on track once November rolls around (or earlier if you have a particularly messy group), get in touch with the cleaning professionals at Nashville BHS. Nashville BHS offers a team of highly qualified cleaning experts that will thoroughly remove any dirt, dust, and yes, even glitter, from your office, returning your space to the fresh, clean environment your employees expect. With a focus on accountability, integrity, communication, and excellence, there is nothing scary about working with the Nashville BHS team to ensure your office is spotless all year long.


Nashville BHS Values

Nashville BHS exhibits a spirit through our core values of Excellence, Integrity, Accountability and Communication, and we make it our mission to bring these values to life through our people-focused culture. We have learned that by treating our clients and our team members with these same values, our end result often exceeds our clients’ expectations. Contact us to see how we can put our values to work in your business.


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Nashville BHS is driven by our core values — Communication, Accountability, Integrity and Excellence. Our mission is to bring these values to life through our people-focused culture and have learned that by treating our customers and team members with these same values, our end result often exceeds our customers' expectations. Our business approach and strategy maximizes our efficiency through customizable plans along with oversight, accountability and fluid communication. The result is evident in our ability to provide you the highest level of detail in our industry. Contact us to see how we can earn a 5-star review working for your business! If interested in residential cleaning services, please visit our resident partner site.


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