5 Shared Resident Spaces Homeowners Associations Often Neglect

It’s not easy working for a Homeowner’s Association (HOA). There is always a steady stream of resident requests and issues to attend to, and, understandably, this leaves little time for routine maintenance.
While restrooms and gyms are usually cleaned and disinfected regularly, the cleaning of other shared resident spaces that tenants use are often neglected, leaving tenants feeling dissatisfied with their environment.

Here are the 5 top shared resident spaces that HOAs need to be cleaning more regularly:

1. Shared Resident Spaces – Elevators

Sure, residents only spend a few seconds in the elevators all day, but those elevator buttons are probably one of the few surfaces in a shared building that are touched by just about every single person every single day.

2. Shared Resident Spaces – Mail Rooms

The floor of the mail rooms contains not only dirt brought in on the shoes of the tenants, but also from all of the delivery drivers. This dirt builds up quickly and can easily become caked into the flooring making it difficult to remove.

3. Shared Resident Spaces – Washer / Dryer Rooms

In a building with a communal washer/dryer, regular cleaning is essential. This is the room after all where everyone brings their dirty clothing, and it’s not unusual for a musty smell to accumulate in the area.

4. Shared Resident Spaces – Entrances

Whether a building has an elaborate foyer or just a small shared entrance, this is the first impression that anyone, including new potential tenants, gets of the space. It’s important that it’s clean, tidy, and inviting.

5. Shared Resident Spaces – Outdoor Spaces

So many gorgeous shared buildings are spotlessly clean inside but have outdoor areas that are dirty, dusty, and covered in overgrown, dried-out plants. The result is that tenants often ignore these spaces altogether, which is unfortunate as they could be wonderful places for gathering.

People working for HOAs want their tenants to be happy and comfortable in their environment. While it’s not always easy to manage the day-to-day tasks of a shared residential building, the cleaning of all shared, common spaces is essential. Luckily, companies like Nashville BHS can help. With dependable, detail-oriented cleaning staff, top-quality cleaning products, and a dedication to building long-term client relationships, Nashville BHS can bridge the cleanliness gap for HOAs that want the very best for their tenants.


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