5 Ways to Show Guests You Appreciate Them This Valentine’s Day

​Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love. Instead, it’s a day for celebrating love and appreciation and offers a great opportunity to show everyone in your life how much you value them. For hotels and hosts, it’s a particularly good opportunity to let guests know you value them. Here are some good ways to do that.

Offer Valentine’s Promos or Discounts

A special Valentine’s Day discount, package, or promo code is a good way to let guests know you value them this Valentine’s Day. Plus, it lets them know that you want them to spend Valentine’s Day with them. Get creative and offer Valentine’s Day promotions that your guests will take advantage of and enjoy – maybe a discount code, a restaurant voucher, or special in-room addons, like champagne or chocolate-covered strawberries.

Give Them a Small Gift at Check-In

You can also surprise guests with a small gift at check-in. This could be chocolates, a bath bomb, a discount card, or a sweet treat. It doesn’t need to be anything big, but a little Valentine’s Day gift at check-in sends the message that you value your guests!

Include a Handwritten Thank-You Note or Valentine’s Day Card

Leave handwritten thank-you notes or Valentine’s Day cards in every room. These can be short but just need to share the message that you’re glad your guests are there and you’re particularly grateful to spend Valentine’s Day with them. Using Valentine’s Day cards are a great way to make these notes a little extra special and more fun.

Offer a Complimentary Snack, Happy Hour, or Meal

Consider offering a special Valentine’s Day treat in the lobby or common space. Maybe this is wine at happy hour, an evening snack, or treats and chocolate in the evening. You don’t need to go overboard, but add a little something special to make your guests feel appreciated on Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day weekend.

Give the Gift of Clean Spaces

One of the best ways to make sure that guests know they’re valued is by offering immaculately cleaned rooms and common spaces that are spotless. This is something that’s important all the time, but making sure your service goes above and beyond on special occasions is essential. Even if you always prioritize offering great spaces, take a minute to go the extra mile on Valentine’s Day to make sure all spaces are perfect.

Nashville BHS

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Nashville BHS is driven by our core values — Communication, Accountability, Integrity and Excellence. Our mission is to bring these values to life through our people-focused culture and have learned that by treating our customers and team members with these same values, our end result often exceeds our customers' expectations. Our business approach and strategy maximizes our efficiency through customizable plans along with oversight, accountability and fluid communication. The result is evident in our ability to provide you the highest level of detail in our industry. Contact us to see how we can earn a 5-star review working for your business! If interested in residential cleaning services, please visit our resident partner site.


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