Cleaning Tips to Reduce Allergy Symptoms in Commercial Spaces

If you’re responsible for a commercial space, it’s vital to stay on top of cleaning during allergy season. If you don’t, the poor air quality can lead to allergy flare-ups for your employees, guests, and visitors. As you might imagine, this can reduce employee productivity and satisfaction and hurt customer retention.

The good news is that there are things you can do to reduce the allergens in your commercial space and ensure high air quality. As May is National Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month, we figured it’d be the ideal time to share tips for keeping your space as safe and comfortable as possible for everyone that uses it!

Vacuum and Shampoo Carpets

If you have carpeting, this is a place where allergens can build up. As a result, it’s vital to regularly vacuum all carpeted areas. For high-traffic areas, daily vacuuming is ideal. Additionally, it’s important to use a high-quality vacuum with HEPA filters to avoid simply redistributing dust and debris throughout the building.

In addition to vacuuming, professional carpet cleaning should be part of your routine. This will get rid of accumulated dirt, dust, stains, and microorganisms that thrive in carpets.

Have a Daily Cleaning Routine

There are some spaces in your building that need to be cleaned on a daily basis. Daily mopping, dusting, and vacuuming high-traffic areas will help to reduce dust and allergens. In addition, kitchen areas and bathroom areas should be cleaned every day.

These are areas where dampness can be an issue and mold can build up. By staying on top of cleaning, ensuring that there is no standing water, and using mold-resistant cleaners, you can reduce the risk of having mold develop.

Keep Humidity Levels Low

Besides just ensuring that there are no wet or damp areas in your building, it’s important to keep humidity levels below 50%. This will reduce the risk of mold and dust mite growth. If necessary, run a dehumidifier to keep humidity levels low and to improve air quality.

Change HVAC Filters

Running your HVAC system during allergy season is also a good way to improve air quality. A key part of this, however, is ensuring that your system’s filters are clean and in good condition. This will help to trap dust, allergens, and other particles and keep them from circulating throughout your building. For the best air quality, use HEPA filters that you change regularly.

Keep Blinds Clean

Unfortunately, blinds are often a source of dust and allergens. They’re great for controlling light and offering privacy, but too often they’re a place where dust and allergens build up. If your business has blinds, it’s important to dust them regularly with a microfiber or electrostatic cloth.

If you’re considering getting or replacing window coverings, we suggest that you avoid blinds and instead opt for shades or drapes.

Let Us Help Reduce Allergy Symptoms in Commercial Spaces

Staying on top of cleaning your commercial spaces is always important, but it’s particularly vital during allergy season when poorly cleaned spaces can make your employees and customers uncomfortable and sick. Nashville BHS is here to help! Our professional and reliable cleaners are ready to meet all of your cleaning and janitorial needs. Contact us to learn how we reduce allergy symptoms in commercial spaces and how we can do so at your property!

Learn more about how to reduce allergy symptoms in commercial spaces and at home by visiting this article on Allergy & Asthma Foundation of America’s website.


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